Welcome to Indiana Ultimate Cheer, Dance & Tumbling Gym.  We’re thrilled you’ve stopped by and look forward to the opportunity to meet you and hopefully have a positive impact upon your children and your family.  At the Indiana Ultimate, we are totally passionate about 2 things:  (1) Providing an amazing experience for all of our students and their families and (2) Over-delivering on our promise to bring our students the very best (and most fun) cheer/dance/tumbling class they’ll ever experience.

Our passion for cheer and dance can easily be seen and felt the moment you walk into our beautiful gym in Elkhart, IN.  Classes are scheduled for all age groups with your convenience in mind as we know that it’s only with the support of their parent, that our students truly shine.

We’d truly love to meet you.  Call (574) 296-2016 and Coach Rob (our program director) will be happy to schedule you for a tour of our facilities and an evaluation with one of our professional coaches at your earliest convenience.  We’re currently accepting new students, so now is a great time to get started.  Cheer, dance & tumbling has changed all of our lives for the better here at the Indiana Ultimate – whether you’re looking for a fun activity or are interested in the competitive side of things, we have just what you’re looking for.  See you on the floor!

I never felt alone, and I never felt like I had nowhere to go when times were hard. I went through a lot of personal issues growing up and Indiana Ultimate was always a place for escape, and always a place to forget my problems and do what I love. I always had someone to talk to, especially my coaches at the time- Pam Slagle and Susie Eakle. Not once did they ignore me, and not once did I feel like I was alone, for those two people became not just my coaches, but people that I could confine in for almost anything, and not once was I led in the wrong direction. I struggled so much with who I was and the struggle of finding and capturing a dream, but I just cannot stress enough that without Indiana Ultimate, without the person I practically call my second mother, I have no idea where I would be today. I am not only a confident, independent, smart young man, but I have captured a dream because not only of my hard work, but because of the guidance that I have received growing up through Indiana Ultimate, and through the coaches that I had being an athlete through those years.
Ryan Long